Week 18: Comforted by a sincere prayer

This was a crazy week! We had no clue how we were going to manage both
areas but as we did it this week and it seems possible now. We were
able to meet a lot of people here in Vizag.
It is good to have two support systems for a few days.
We are excited to go back to Rajahmundry and work with Sister Kongu there.
Our investigators in Rajahmundry are doing good. We are working on
ways that can help them better understand the purpose of this life so
they can be more willing to follow Christ into the water.
Last week I got to know that one of the recent converts in rajahmundy
passed away and it shook me a little. He had 2 kids, I think, and the
older one is just 17-year-old young women. I knew that the Plan of
Salvation is real but at that moment it made me doubt it. I couldn't
stop thinking about her and her family. Plus, them being recent
converts I was afraid that they will move away from the church. My
companions assured me that Lakshmi's dad is safe and is really in the
spirit world and is probably doing His work there.
I was still shaking and uncertain about the whole thing and I felt that
saying a prayer is the only thing that will comfort me. So I did. And
as I prayed for Lakshmi, her dad, and her family that they may be
comforted and that they may know that the Plan of Salvation is true, i
felt comforted and that moment I knew that Heavenly Father really
loves us and that He won't let us not see our family again. I know
that if we keep following the ways of Christ in our lives, we will be
with Him again and that we will see our loved ones who have crossed
over to a better world again.
I love what I am doing here in South India and I am glad I am here at
this time :))
weather update, its been a lot cooler these few days! The sun doesn't
bother us all that much now :P

I love you all so much! Take care

Sister Massey


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