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Week 12: Gave myself a birthday gift

I AM 20!! 

Haha Hi!! This last week was crazy! There was so much to do and so less time.  On Tuesday our zone and the Vizag zone were together and we had a training with Elder and Sister Evans (of the Seventy). It was a wonderful conference, we learned so much from him, our mission president and other missionaries. One thing that I loved, that we talked about was being kind. Elder Evans talked a lot about President Monson and being kind is one of his counsels that he shared with us. As I was preparing for my talk this last Sunday I was thinking more about what really does being "kind" mean.I learned that it means being generous and, being generous means giving freely. And what can we share and give more freely than our testimony of this true church, of the fact that Jesus is the Christ and that the Book of Mormon is not just a book, it is the evidence that Joseph Smith was a prophet who was guided by Jesus himself to restore the truth back on Earth. I know that as we all are …