Week 27: Dab on the 6 month mark!!!!!!!

It's had to believe but i completed 6 months on the 10th of August. It has been such an amazing time!! 6 companions,almost 2 areas and many many wonderful memories. I am enjoying every day on my mission. I feel like i just came but it definitely has been quite some time.I have come a lot more closer to my Father in Heaven and i am realizing each day that I have the potential t become like Him and His Son Jesus Christ.  We are very excited for the new sisters to arrive!!! i am really hoping i can b with one of them!!  I am eager t see how the rest of the year will be :)) I am doing well. I am happy and healthy. 

ps- dab on the 6 month mark!
Sister Massey India Bengaluru Mission

Week 26: There's so much more to experience!

Hello, Beautiful People! How is everybody this week?  I had a wonderful week. We met new families and individuals that are so interested in the gospel and we feel that they are very well prepared to heed the message of the restoration. Also, these new families and individuals speak and understand English really well so it is a lot more fun and easier to teach them.  We celebrated rakhi with a few missionaries here yesterday. I have attached pictures with the email. It was really fun.  Saturday night we got a phone call from President Mortensen and he gave us a news that's both happy and sad. He told us that i am being transferred to Vizag for the time being until new sisters come in in next week. I couldn't stop thinking about the people i was always with here in Rajahmundry. It made me really sad. I cried a lot with my companions but then we talked to our bishop and he reminded me that i am on a mission to learn from all these experiences and that there may be more people in V…

Week 25: Another good week

Hi, I have loved sharing the gospel this past week. We were able to meet a beautiful family. The best part is that they speak Hindi too!! We had our first lesson with them in Hindi. They are from a Christian background and rear chickens in their yard hehe. They had many questions for us and we loved answering those for them. There's 3 of them. Mom, dad and their daughter. She has polio but what amazed us was that she teaches tuition to kids like her. We got to see one of them That girl was about 8-10 years old and she had the most beautiful smile!! Sister Waghmare and i were filled with awe at seeing her and her beautiful smile. Next time when we visit that family we will meet all her students. We're very excited for that.  We met a member last week, Vicky, who has been a member since 2008 but has been inactive ever since. We learned that he lost his father last month and visited him. He is a really sweet person and we had a good time with him. We shared John 3:16-17 16 ¶ For G…

Week 24: Because i have been given much

Hi, This past week we had a great time with our ward members. We met a very cute family last week. they have 2 daughters and they live RIGHT BEHIND our stake center. They came for English class and that's how we met them.  Ramanama is doing well. She didn't come to church last Sunday though. We have planned visits with her this week and are excited to be working with her.  We had a zone conference last week so our whole zone was together. We have 19 missionaries in our zone which make us the biggest zone in the mission. We all love working together and learn a lot from each other. I have attached a picture of our zone with this email. Yesterday i gave a talk in our ward. It was the longest talk i have ever given! but it was fun.I was impressed by the spirit to talk about my favorite hymn, hymn #219  Because i have been given much. I talked about the last verse in the hymn that says, "Because i have been blessed by thy great love dear Lord. I'll share that love again a…

WEEK : 23

Guess what? I went proselyting in Bangalore last week!!
So we were there for a training and President suggested that as we had
a whole extra day there we could go and meet some families. SO we did
and it was the sweetest experience. Some people we couldn't meet
because they were busy but we did meet Dina (the girl in the picture)
and Brother Vishnu's family. his wife was just baptized 3 months ago.
It was so good to see these people. Dina shared with us how she is
wanting to be a missionary like us once she is done with her studies
and we were able to give her some suggestions and shared our
experiences that made her more excited and gave her a clearer picture
of what we do as missionaries.
Then we met brother Vishu's family. We shared about temples with them
and loved knowing about how excited his wife is for their family to
visit the temple one day and be sealed to her family not only for this
life but for the life after death as well.

In Rajahmundry also we met new people this week…

Week 21: Vizag

How is everyone??
We are still in Vizag and are loving it here. The weather is a lot
better now as the monsoons have started so we almost have a nice cool
We are teaching 2 men whose wives and kids are all members. In fact
one them has a daughter who is serving a mission right now.It is so
amazing to see how strong their wives and and their kids are in the
gospel and how much hope they have for their husbands to accept the
gospel in their lives.
We will be going back to Rajahmundry this week and we are excited to
meet people there and to learn more about them.
I am happy and healthy :))

Sister Massey

Weeks 19 and 20: God is mindful of each of us

First of all sorry for not writing last week.
These last 2 weeks were so good! We were able to serve in Rajahmundry
in a trio. We met some wonderful people too. One of them is the
Balakrishna Family. We had a restoration lesson with them that went so
well. We felt the spirit so strong in the room when Sister Kongu was
sharing the first vision. She did hat in Telugu but as she did that it
was testified to us that it doesn't matter what language we speak, the
holy ghost can touch, speak and testify to all of us of the truth.
We also witnessed a miracle!!
So last Sunday I was greeting everybody in church and as I went up to
greet sister Seerapu she told me that her son was coming to
Rajahmundry on the 24th (which meant they could have been baptized
because they were waiting for their son to come and baptize them) So i
immediately asked her if they were thinking about baptism still and
she said yes, hey were. I couldn't believe it! This is the couple that
had been coming to church for 18 …