Week 26: There's so much more to experience!



Hello, Beautiful People!
How is everybody this week? 
I had a wonderful week. We met new families and individuals that are so interested in the gospel and we feel that they are very well prepared to heed the message of the restoration. Also, these new families and individuals speak and understand English really well so it is a lot more fun and easier to teach them. 
We celebrated rakhi with a few missionaries here yesterday. I have attached pictures with the email. It was really fun. 
Saturday night we got a phone call from President Mortensen and he gave us a news that's both happy and sad. He told us that i am being transferred to Vizag for the time being until new sisters come in in next week. I couldn't stop thinking about the people i was always with here in Rajahmundry. It made me really sad. I cried a lot with my companions but then we talked to our bishop and he reminded me that i am on a mission to learn from all these experiences and that there may be more people in Vizag who are waiting to hear the message that we have. He reminded me of my purpose and assured me that we will meet again someday. I have truly loved serving here and will always remember this area! I will surely miss it a lot but i know that God has it all planned out for me so i better go with the flow. hehe 
I will be moving to Vizag on the 10th! 
There's so much more to experience! 

Here are some pictures with members, Rakhi celebration, and my companions :))

Sister Massey
India Bengaluru Mission


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