The Journey has begun .


We reached safely! It turned out to be longer than we expected. The whole journey was really funny haha people were getting lost but we managed to find everyone and gather them all in one place and make I to the hotel.
Okay yeah, funny story! so when we got to Bangkok we were supposed to meet up with other missionaries who were gonna join us from Bangalore. We got there, went through security and thought that the most sensible thing would be to wait in the waiting area before boarding. Half an hour passed by, then an hour and there was no sign of these missionaries. We kept scanning the whole area for them but no luck. said prayers but haha nothing seemed to be working. And then right before we boarded we saw the sisters coming down the escalator without the Elders xD then we waited for another 10 minutes for the elders and finally boarded the flight. When we asked them where they'd been they said,"Wee were out looking for you guys" what even!! haha we all had a big laugh on the whole thing and hoped that nothing happens again.
Then something else happened! We got to the Manila airport, went through immigration and got out to get in the cab and just go to the hotel bbuuuuututtttttt, there was no cab! Turned out that our names were not registered in the cab thingy. So we waited another 2 and half hours for the cab and then got to our hotel, hotel JING JANG xD 
The hotel is amazing. There are about 50 other missionaries here from places I've never even heard of. I have already made some friends from Bacolod, Cebeu and other places. Look them up on the map for me? haha 

Picture 1- 
Sister Kongu, Sister Padde, Elder Shom (not sure how to spell his name), Elder Ranjendra, Elder Sampad(not sure of his name either), Elder Yadav, Sistr Yadav annndd Sister Massey haha

Picture 2- That was the guy, Jacob, who helped us get a cab and taught us a few Tagalog words like salamat- thank you, okayla-im good and kumusta- how are you ahaha

Until my next email
love youuuuu
Sister Massey


  1. Hey! Miss you already sister massey❤Glad you reached safely! Everything seems like an adventure haha:) but of course the journey has just begun;) looking forward to your experiences for this upcoming 18 months!!! Excited�� much love❤

  2. So proud that you made it safely till there. You are in our prayers and will do just fine in the days to come as well. Your "haha-s" Simmmmmmaaaaaay! Can't wait to hear more!


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