Week 24: Because i have been given much

This past week we had a great time with our ward members.
We met a very cute family last week. they have 2 daughters and they live RIGHT BEHIND our stake center. They came for English class and that's how we met them. 
Ramanama is doing well. She didn't come to church last Sunday though. We have planned visits with her this week and are excited to be working with her. 
We had a zone conference last week so our whole zone was together. We have 19 missionaries in our zone which make us the biggest zone in the mission. We all love working together and learn a lot from each other. I have attached a picture of our zone with this email.
Yesterday i gave a talk in our ward. It was the longest talk i have ever given! but it was fun.I was impressed by the spirit to talk about my favorite hymn, hymn #219  Because i have been given much. I talked about the last verse in the hymn that says,
"Because i have been blessed by thy great love dear Lord.
I'll share that love again according to thy word.
I shall give love to those in need, I'll show that love by word and deed. 
Thus shall my thanks be thanks indeed."
What surprised me was that the speaker before me spoke about a similar subject, Charity, and love. It made me feel that there was really someone in the congregation who needed to know that our Heavenly Father loves him/her. I could feel that while i was speaking and i felt grateful to be able to listen to the holy spirit and say the things that it wanted me to. I know that we are given the holy spirit that it may guide us and that we may be able to help others through the promptings that it blesses us with. 
I'm grateful to be a missionary. 
I'm safe, healthy and happy. 

Sister Massey
India Bengaluru Mission


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