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2nd week in the Mission Field ,PS. happy HOLI!!

This week was sooo good!! Sometimes it is so hard to believe the things that happen. We have quite a few progressing investigators now, it seems unbelievable because of our boundaries we thought we won't be able to meet enough people but the Lord works in His own ways. We received a lot of referrals from the members and as we went around the area we met a lot of former investigators who are still very interested!  Chandra accepted the invitation to be baptized along with 3 other investigators (Pandu,His wife Suvarna and Jancy ) ! We are trying to teach her 11-year-old daughter as well. It's been such a good experience to meet with her family.  Yesterday we had an appointment with a former investigator Sanjana (this was finally someone who speaks english so i was VERY excited to meet with her) but as soon as she saw us she went out. We were really sad and disappointed. Her grandmother, because we were Christians. let us in though. She thought we'll just say a s…

MTC experience !!

We left the MTC finally! it was super sad because we all had made tons of friends and it was hard to say goodbye.we sure learned so much from each other!  e reached Bangalore and had a great time with the mission president and his wife, President and Sister Mortensen.  We all guessed where we will be going and sister chenna had her flight tickets to Chennai and my name was on there with her so I thought I'd be going to Chennai. but when President MOrtenmsen told me it was not that! I am serving in ................. Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh. And the crazy part is that my companion and I are the first sister missionaries in this area after about 20 years. It is a beautiful place!! (i wish I could send you the picture but I am emailing from a local cafe and don't really trust the system here so don't wanna take any risk with my memory card.) There are beautiful and tall coconut trees everywhere! and its really calm! there's never a lot of traffic and i love that! The …