Week 29 & 30 : Aruku Valley and wonderful people

Hey All,
I am sorry for not emailing last week. Got caught up. 
So yeah, last week we for a fun Zone Activity to Aruku Valley, its a hill station in Vishakhapatnam and is a beautiful place. I am attaching some pictures from that day :))
Also, this past week we got to meet such amazing people! We met 3 women of such a strong character that have inspired us a lot. Venu, she is a college student here in Vizag but is actually from Orissa. She belongs to a Hindu family but loves to attend church because it gives peace to her. She is super talkative which makes meetings with her all the more fun. Then there's Priyanka(a girl we just met in an auto going to visit a family) and Prem (a friend she got with her to meet with us). They shared with us how they have been praying since they were kids and how that has blessed their life so much. We all shared our testimonies with each other that day and the spirit was so strong in the room that evening. We all could feel it inspiring us and strengthening our testimonies and our faith in the Savior and His Atonement. We also met Parvathi (the girl in the picture). She is a person that's full of love!! We love meeting her! Last week we talked with her about the Book of Mormon and she was really keen on knowing more about it and knowing for herself if the book was true or not. She even read the book on her own and then shared with us how it made her feel good and comforted when she read it. She just makes our weeks so much better every time we meet her. 

Getting transferred has taught me one thing for sure, it does not matter where we are, the lord has prepared people to be reached out to and there's people every where who are ready to know the truth. And i feel really privileged to take that truth of the Gospel to these people. 
I know for a surety that this is the work of the Lord and he has Chosen me to be His servant for these few months. I sure miss you all but i am happy here doing what i do. You are all always in my prayers and i love you all so much!! 

Sister Massey
India Bengaluru Mission

ps- here's some pictures of the happy moments in past 2 weeks. 


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