Week 27: Dab on the 6 month mark!!!!!!!



It's had to believe but i completed 6 months on the 10th of August. It has been such an amazing time!! 6 companions,almost 2 areas and many many wonderful memories. I am enjoying every day on my mission. I feel like i just came but it definitely has been quite some time.I have come a lot more closer to my Father in Heaven and i am realizing each day that I have the potential t become like Him and His Son Jesus Christ. 
We are very excited for the new sisters to arrive!!! i am really hoping i can b with one of them!! 
I am eager t see how the rest of the year will be :))
I am doing well. I am happy and healthy. 

ps- dab on the 6 month mark!

Sister Massey
India Bengaluru Mission


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