Week 16: Elder Cook's visit

Namaskaram :P
This last week was precious. As a mission we got to meet a special witness of the divinity of Jesus Christ. It was a beautiful experience and i sure got to learn a lot.
The spirit was so strong that i couldn't hold my tears the whole time.
Sister Mortensen inspired me a lot! I got a lot o answers to my prayers through her short talk that day. It gave a testimony that prayers do get answered and that God really is there and is ALWAYS listening to what we are saying. 
It was such a delight to be in the same room as an apostle of Jesus Christ. I will always cherish the memory of conducting the music when an apostle visited our mission. 
I was nervous of being picked on by Elder Cook and not being able to answer the right thing and all that but as soon as he started talking certain calm came upon me and i knew that the holy spirit was there and that even if he asks me something, that i will be fine. It felt so good in my heart when he was addressing us all. What i loved the most about the whole thing was the way he bore his testimony about the Savior. That HE LIVES. All the doubt that i had, nothing was left. I knew for sure that this man in front of me who knows His voice and knows His face is saying the truth. It was a wonderful feeling!!!!!
I am blessed to be doing God's work at this time. 
We see many people wanting the truth in their lives but they are not ready to let Christ in and help them, it really makes me very sad when people decline invitations because i know how those can help them grow and also how sister Funk also shared about how important inviting is. I have been trying to be better at inviting, it still needs a lot of work but i am getting there.
We met quite a few new people this week, and one of our investigators who had been delaying attending church finally came last Sunday and he also told us that he will come every Sunday now. That made me so happy!! I am excited to be working with Sister Waghmare. We both seem to be getting along real good. I finally can talk in tons and tons of Hindi again haha. We know we will have language barriers while teaching but we know God will help. 

We are all really excited for all the missionaries that are coming here in these next two months from New Delhi! At the conference we got a chance to visit with the missionaries from Delhi who are serving right now and many return missionaries who served in the India New Delhi Mission. 

My companion is Sister Waghmare now, she is from Mumbai and is so much fun! There never a time when we're not laughing. I miss Sister Botcha though, if any of you go to temple square make sure you go say hi to her. She is a sweetheart. :)) 

It was a crazy busy week but, its been a wonderful week! 
Thank you for all your love and support! i love you all so much!

Thank you,
Sister Massey 


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