Week 14 : Rajahmundry Open House

We had one of the best experiences here in Rajahmundry last week. We had the first Open House at the Rajahmundry Stake center and it was a successful and a beautiful event to be a part of.
We invited everyone we could. 
We started off with a word of prayer, there were about 40 of us who were there for that but we could feel the spirit so strong as our stake president spoke about how grateful we are as a stake to have this opportunity. We shared all that we do in our different auxiliaries with the guests and a lot of them loved it. Sister Botcha and i were helping out the Young Women's program. 
There was a different feeling in the building the whole day and we knew that we were all brothers and sisters working together to let those who visited know that this is what makes us so happy. Everyone had beautiful smiles on their faces and there was so much love around. 
It went on for the whole day and we had a big dinner with everyone who helped out after. Our stake president addressed us and told us that there many hearts that were touched and there was a visitor who was looking for some answers and shared how he found his answers through this tour. 
It is amazing to be a part of things like these that make such a big difference for the church here in India. The church is growing and we hope that many more people can come to know why we love serving and being a part of this true and restored gospel. 

Got to Skype my family for mother's day! it was amazing!!(obviously) it was really good to see them. No pictures this week.
Take care!
Life is good. 

Sister Massey 


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