Week 15 : 48 Degree Celsius

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We met a new family last week, Balakrishnan, his wife Madhuri and their 2 adorable daughters. They're a sweet family and we're hoping that they progress well in the gospel. The most amazing part of meeting them is that they are a referral from brother Bonthi who was just baptized this march.
We are as trying to meet with a referral from the Juthuka family but those guys are young and they seem to slip out during opening prayer. I think its hilarious but i hope they stay and would want to listen to what we have to share this week :P

Everything is great here. the heat is increasing day by day. 
i am getting a new companion this coming week and i think she is from Mumbai so that will be fun! 

Our mission meets Elder Cook this Wednesday! We all are very excited!! It always a treat to be able to see and hear from a living special witness of Jesus Christ. I'd love to share more about that next week. 

Take care. Stay hydrated. Don't lose that smile :))

Sister Massey 


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