This week was amazing, as usual, :P
We, as a district, set up a table in front of the church building with church books and magazines for people to take home and share the gospel. We were so surprised at how many people actually showed up and were interested! we gave out many book of Mormons and church material. It was a wonderful experience. 
Jancy will be getting baptized next week! We're so excited for her!!
I loved the conference!! 
It was so good to be reminded that we should not fear and just have faith in the Lord that he will provide us with ways to do His work. 
I am truly blessed to be here sharing the gospel and meeting wonderful and such beautiful people each week. 
I am doing so good! and I pray for all of you always! 
I love you all so much and I know that our Heavenly Father too loves every single one of you a lot more than we can ever comprehend. Which is why He gave us His Only Begotten Son to die for our sins. I know Jesus has felt every single pain we feel in our lives right now, he knows what challenges we face and because he has felt it, he knows PERFECTLY how to help us. If we act on our faith and stretch forth our hands to take his hand, WE CAN BE SAVED. 
I am thankful for the atonement!
Happy Easter In advance!!! 
Sister Massey

Here's a picture of our zone with Elder and Sister Newton when we went for a lunch to celebrate Sister Swarna and Elder Magnusson's 18 months in the field. 

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