Week 7: Our First Baptisms in Rajahmundry

Yesterday was a big day! Our investigator's sister Chandra, sister Suvarna and her husband brother Pandu were all baptized! and we were so happy for them! There were many confusions about brother pandu's family's baptisms but with lots and lots of prayers, he was able to manage everything, get his boss's permission to have Sundays off and come to church and be baptized. It was a wonderful experience to see them all in church and my favorite p[art is to see all of them being actually involved in the church! 
Sister Chandra's kids, it was really hard to get them to meet with us. We even almost gave up but last week her son himself called us and asked us to start the discussions with him and his sister! We were so happy!! They both will be getting baptized next Sunday and the best thing is that their family will now be complete in the church! it would be beautiful to see them getting sealed in the temple!
Sister Laxmi is progressing really well and is preparing the best that she can to be baptized next Sunday. Sister jancy and her husband still haven't discussed more about their baptism but we are praying for them that they may be able to understand that if they rely on God, He will take care of them. Please keep their family in your prayers. 
We met a former investigator day before yesterday and sister devrapalli was there with us that day and before entering the house she was telling us how she appreciated people teaching about God but that she will never change from being a Hindu. We shared the plan of salvation with the family and as we were leaving we could see sister devrapalli had a shine in her eyes and she told us that she will come to church on Sunday. She explained how she decided that she will come to church after her son returns from his mission and since he was back she wanted to come see. and she came! she attended the classes too! we are hoping that she has the desire to follow Christ and keeps coming!

I am doing so good! the heat is increasing but our mission is trying new things so we can serve better in this heat without being in the sun too much. 
My companion is leaving in two weeks and I'm  really nervous because there is no one else in the mission who speaks Telugu and I don't know even half of it. But I know that if I put all my trust in God, He will help me and that's exactly what I am going to do! haha 
I am doing great here! I love the place and I love the people! members of the ward treat us like their daughters and there's so much love!

ps- I will be sending the pictures in another email.

love you all
Sister Massey


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