First of all, i am sorry for not being able to email yesterday! It was a crazy day. 
I am doing great and am so so so happy for all our investigators who are progressing! Sister Chandra, Sister Suvarna and Brother Pandu are ready to be baptized this coming Sunday!
Sister Jancy and her husband Bobby need some more time so we are just helping them figure things our to be baptized. Vineet is very eager to learn about Christ! and says he surely wants to get baptized this year! We have also been able to meet with Brother Sekar and have started the discussions with him. He is happy to learn of God and His teachings.
On Saturday after our very first zone conference, we had an opportunity to be a part of a family's baptism. Their son is on a mission and was able to be here for his family's baptism. His dad and grandparents were getting baptized. He with us how just last week he was telling his companion that his family will never change and will never accept to be baptized and here she was performing their baptisms this week. His grand dad is 93! and it was a wonderful experience to be a part of their baptism. It just has strengthened my testimony of how we should never give up sharing the gospel with people. It was really a beautiful evening!

I am doing great and am so happy!
Sister Massey


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