Week 10: Jancy was baptized

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First of all, Elder Massey is serving in Rajahmundry as well!!! We will be in the same district!! We're really excited to be serving together!
We started teaching 3 new beautiful families today and one of them is the one that sells coconut water right in front of our apartments! They're really sweet and interested in learning the gospel. 
Jancy was baptized yesterday! Boby said he wants to be baptized next month so we're hoping to work with him starting this week.
My companion goes home this week and i will have a new companion. My training is almost over so I am......nervous xD 
We had splits last week and i think i can handle it, but it stills makes me nervous a lot of times :P *pray for me :P* 

The heat is increasing here but we have fun plans to work during the summer.
I love you all!

Sister Massey


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