Week 11:Life is to be enjoyed,not just endured

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This past week my trainer left for home. My new companion is Sister Botcha. She is from Vizag and is very tiny. 

So Bobby said he will be baptized next year. He says he wants to start his life new and he will do that starting next year. That makes me sad. But my companion and I are constantly praying for him.
We met quite a few new people last week. 
And again I was reminded of how simply God works. There was this one lady we were trying to meet but we couldn't get hold of her and didn't even know her name so it was getting very hard to meet with her but then,  day before yesterday we were just passing past her workplace and saw her sitting outside. I didn't recognize her but she was smiling at me so I went up to talk to her and realized that it was the same person we were looking for! So after she finished work we walked with her to her house and were able to get her contact details, her name and share a small message with her. We invited her to church too and it made me so happy to see her attend church yesterday with her grandkids. 
I love this work so much because I can see how it lights up lives of people that we meet. And because I sometimes get nervous and too stressed about doing everything that I can, Sister Botcha reminds me every day how important it is to have fun while we're doing this. And she read me a quote from President Gordon B Hinckley that says,"Let there be something of a light tone in your life. Let there be fun and happiness, humor, the capacity to laugh occasionally at things that are funny.In all of the living have much of fun and laughter.Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured."
I hope that this reminds you too that Heavenly Father has given us this life that we may have all kinds of experiences and learn from those. Yes, sometimes life gets harder than we imagine it to be but remembering Him and laughing about things will just make this life easier and a lot more beautiful than it already is :))
I love you all so much!!
I am doing great! and am very happy and healthy :)
Sister Massey

ps- Elder and Sister Evans are coming here this week for a training so all missionaries are very excited!!


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